Putting together a plan to making your website having the highest ranking comes with a thorough process. In these steps you need to consider design, best practices, SEO, and of course, your viewers or potential clients.

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Mary Averill News   •   July 24, 2018

The web can be extremely competitive. From design to SEO, your website is amongst many other websites relative to your service or message. We need to keep up with the most common design patterns and development with websites in modern days can be extremely challenging.

Putting together a plan to making your website having the highest ranking comes with a thorough process. In these steps you need to consider design, best practices, SEO, your competitor’s rankings and on their website, and of course, your viewers or potential customers for your business.


Evaluate Your Website and Competitor’s Sites

You can do this simply by using Google Analytics or look up the top rankings for sites on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc, to understand where you stand between your self and your competitors before you start to look into putting together thoughts for the design of your new website. Look into the Analytics of your website and seek out where your viewers seem to take the best liking to your website based on views. Viewing your competitors’ websites can also help you get a general idea on what you can add up onto your website as well.


Putting Together a Design

Starting this can be tricky. You want a new look. Start to look into the base of the website that is your header, body and footer of the website. Getting these knocked out of the way can seriously help you get an understanding on the capabilities on what you want to place on the Home Page. Start to place things on the Home Page and start including other Main Pages other than the Home Page that will spread out your message. If you aren’t design savvy and you need someone to support you, our team can help point you in the right direction.


Understanding SEO

This piece of the puzzle goes throughout the entire development of your website. It will determine what key features would be best to add on to your website and what won’t. Consider where your competitor ranks and you can also create strategies to move forward. Understand the science behind keywords and contents the search engine will pick up for your website. Have your great-looking images optimized for web presentation. Keyword research is a very tedious thing to do while developing a website. It is up to you on what you want placed on your website for keywords or content, but it is up to the search engines on where it ranks you.


Build Your Website

This part can be extremely hard if you do not understand Web Programming. We can help you put together all of your components and review all of your content. We can help you make sure you are complying with the best SEO standards of today such as leaving specific heading tags, add alt data to your images or media files and place your meta data so the search engine is picking your page up perfectly.


Launch the Website and Spread the Message

Launch your website and as soon as you make it live, make sure your website is working well and the way you wish it to work for your visitors. Place out your sitemaps and submit them to crawl bots so they pick up your website’s newer pages so they appear on the search engine. As soon as everything is working, spread your message on all Social Media you have in place so everyone gets the word that your new website is live!

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Where We Come In

We come in with a strategy for you to win! We do the research and go the extra mile to ensure you remain on the top of the heap in the search engines. To get there, we have the best team in order to put every component in place.

We provide high quality website design and development from start to finish. For every website we build, we follow the best practices for Web Standards and for Search Engines. We go with the best design based on industry standards and develop fast and effective websites for your customers to view.

Our professional team will hear you out and understands your need to improve your presence on the web. Contact us today for a consultation for your website!